Flagship Nokia Lumia phone incoming?

Just as the excitement over the Nokia Lumia 800 is dying down, we hear of yet another model, which might well eclipse the original.

According to WMPoweruser, the head of Nokia France has been talking in vague terms about such a phone. In an interview with Les Echos newspaper he used a car analogy to describe the Nokia Lumia 800 as a BWM 5 series, saying: 'It’s just the equivalent of the BMW 5 Series. We will soon have a full range with a Series 7 and Series 3.'

So, presuming that the Nokia Lumia 710 is that 'Series 3', that must mean a flagship Lumia is yet to launch. Before the Nokia World launch of Lumia, we rounded up the rumours in expectation of three launches, the last of those being the Nokia Ace. As you probably know, that failed to appear. Is that the flagship? Only time will tell, but it is a strong possibility.

How much time, we don't know. But it's unlikely to be on the shelves anytime soon. So if you want one of the Nokia Windows Phones, you'll have to pick up the Nokia Lumia 800, which coincidentally, hits UK stores today.

We reviewed it recently, giving it a strong four-star rating with just slight concerns over the camera and a relative lack of apps (in comparison to Android and iOS, that is). But it's still an impressive handset and certainly the dawning of a new era for both Nokia and Microsoft. You can also see a hands-on here, as well as a video of the phone in action here.

You can secure one on a contract directly from O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone stores, or through Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u. If you're quick, you can even get an Xbox 360 if you sign up with Orange. Perhaps a bit of shopping around before you buy is in order though. But as a guide, Vodafone has just announced its pricing, offering the phone for free for £36 per month on a 24 month contract or £41 if you sign up for 18 months.

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