BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 launch

RIM has announced its last two handsets of 2011 – the Bold 9790 and an all-touch version of its entry-level Curve 9360 smartphone.


The Bold 9790 is an updated, thinner version of the popular Bold 9780 with faster specs. Like the Bold 9900, this inbetweener will come with both a QWERTY keyboard and a touch-screen in a candybar form.


As previously reported, the Curve 9380 is the first entry-level BlackBerry to have a touch-screen – and RIM has gone in big and eschewed the keyboard entirely. The 9380 is exactly the same size, weight and spec kit as this year's Curve 9360, but features a full 3.2-inch touch-screen and five-megapixel camera. The optical trackpad is still a feature however.


Both devices run on BlackBerry OS 7 and will round off RIM's most plentiful launch period ever. The Curve 9380 will be available before Christmas while the Bold 9790 will launch just after the new year.


RIM is also making BBM Music publicly available today. BBM Music links to BlackBerry Messenger, allowing users to share their music with BBM contacts. Each person can download up to 50 tracks from the library of six million or so, and can share all the music that their friends have – so the more BBM contacts you have, the more music you'll have access to.


BBM Music works with the latest version of BBM, v6.0, which is preloaded on OS 7 devices, but is backwards compatible with older BlackBerrys up to OS 5, so BBM Music can be used by virtually any BlackBerry user.


RIM's UK user base just passed its eight millionth subscriber, the bulk of whom are individual rather than corporate users. In fact, BlackBerry UK MD Stephen Bates confirmed that individual subscribers have been increasing faster than corporate.

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