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The Worms franchise has been kicking around since games consoles were built out of tree bark and mobile phones were the size of pineapples. And since their birth, all these wriggling invertebrates have been trying to do is kill each other with guns, rockets and bombs. But now on iPhone and iPad, they've decided to chill their slaughterous boots and play some golf. And the result? One of the very finest games currently available on the Apple Store.


The iPhone version (£1.99) comes with three courses, each with 18 holes. Structurally it couldn't be simpler - you unlock the next hole simply by getting a par on the previous one until you've worked your way through all 54 holes. These holes have been designed with replay in mind, as each one is dotted with crates to smash, coins to collect and challenges to conquer. And being a Worms game, anyone looking for Tiger Woods levels of realism (and utter tediousness) should move along. This is pure Worms to the core, as little old ladies stagger around swinging their bag at your ball, gardeners blow themselves up creating bunkers and sheep prance the fairways, giving you opportunity to increase your score if you manage to "lamb chop" them with a hard, accurate pelt.


First up is Britannia, a course that comes dressed in a relatively normal countryside gown, but things start to kick off and go super mental when you reach the Pirate Cavern and Graveyard courses. There's also a fourth course on the slightly more expensive (£2.99) iPad version called Carnivale, which can be downloaded as an extra on the iPhone version for 69p. Trust us, you WILL download it.


We've been playing this for over a week now, and the only game that we've found more addictive was Plants vs Zombies (making this our "Second Best iPhone Game Ever"). The simple play controls, realistic ball physics and maddening but fun obstacles will keep you glued to the thing. And thanks to a fairly high difficulty setting (it's challenging but not frustrating), fantastic replay value, multiplayer games and considerable amount of holes and side-challenges, you'll be playing this long after you felt you got your money's worth.


Get it today, and make your life better.


Mobile Choice Verdict: 9/10


Dan Curley

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