APP WATCH: Spotify for Windows Phone 7

Not just another port of the music service, Spotify for Windows Phone 7 has been designed specifically for the Microsoft platform. It's also available now.

Launched, you suspect, with one eye on the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 800 (this month, if you missed it), it's yet another variant of everyone's favourite music streaming service, offering you the chance to take the music with you, wherever you go and if you download playlists, even take it where connectivity is either poor or non-existent.

As we said, this app has been created in conjunction with Microsoft, so a different look to the other platforms currently around and a slight variation in features too, essentially being a little more social and Facebook-friendly. So Spotify here offers you the option to search, browse and play millions of tracks, as well as the ability to explore and play your friends' playlists and most-favoured tracks.

You can stream over Wi-Fi or 2.5/3G, access those downloaded playlists when there's no connection and add tracks to both mobile and computer 'on the fly' (i.e at the same time). You can also receive music from your friends via the inbox, play music in the background when using your phone and 'pin' playlists to the Windows Phone home screen as 'Live Tiles'.

The app is free, of course, but like all the other platforms, you'll need a Premium subscription to use the app. In the UK, that's £9.99 per month.

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