HTC Edge breaks cover

Mobile phones are about to move up a step, with the HTC Edge leading the shift to quad-core.

Yes, this is HTC's first quad-core mobile phone. In fact, it's the first one, full stop, HTC or not. According to Pocket Now, the information for the new phone comes from a 'reliable source', with the new superphone said to be launching in the first half of next year. Hopefully in the UK. At the moment, there's nothing here to stop a UK launch.

Saying that, the Edge is said to be a successor to the Rezound, which didn't launch over here, so it's not yet nailed on. Fingers crossed time, in other words. If it does land here, you'll find that the 4.7-inch Edge is just over 10mm thick, with the same 720p resolution as the previously-mentioned Rezound and offering up 1GB of RAM, a backlit eight-megapixel camera with 28-millimetre, f/2.2 lens and of course, that AP30 Tegra 3 CPU from Nvidia, which offers four 1.5GHz cores and power to spare.

There should be 32GB of internal storage too, Bluetooth 4.0, Beats Audio and possibly enhanced HTC services, like the HTC Listen music store, HTC Read bookstore and HTC Play gaming hub. It might even feature Sense 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich is almost certain for the operating system, unless Google updates that in the meantime (unlikely).

Expect this one to run and run before that launch. If we hear any more specific details, we'll let you know.

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