Motorola Motokey Social launches

Remember this blurry photo from September? It was described as the EX225 at the time or alternatively, the Motorola Facebook phone. But the official name is the Motorola Motokey Social and it has just been launched by the company.

It's not a million miles away from the Facebook phones previously offered by Vodafone, INQ or HTC, using a similar dedicated Facebook button to quickly access your account, share pictures and links and generally keep updated with your friends. There's also quick access to Twitter, YouTube and Gmail via the 2.4-inch touch-screen and no doubt, super-fast messaging using the full QWERTY keyboard below the screen.

Other than that, there's nothing wildly exciting. This is a budget Facebook phone, designed very much for purpose. Which means a three-megapixel camera with digital zoom, 64MB RAM, 128MB of on-board storage, media player, FM radio and Bluetooth 2.1. It's the company's own proprietary operating system too, not Android as you might have hoped/expected.

No details of a network as yet, but do expect this in the UK for a modest outlay – and probably landing in time for Christmas.

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