Apple unveils iOS 5.0.1

It's not a radical makeover of the latest operating system, but Apple's iOS 5.0.1 should sort out a couple of nasty bugs.

According to Mac Rumors, the beta version of the operating system has just been made available to developers, ironing out some of the creases in the original launch and, it would seem, sorting out the problems with battery life. Yesterday, we reported that Apple was aware of the issue and promised a fix in the coming weeks. That fix is part of this iOS update, although it's still not clear what it actually fixes. All should become clearer as those developers get their hands on it.

Aside from that, the update is said to add multitasking gestures for the original iPad, sorts out some bugs with Documents in the Cloud, improves voice recognition for Australian users and contains 'security improvements'.

The last of those points is quite interesting. 9 to 5 Mac adds that a problem allowing anyone with a Smart Cover to break into any password-protected iPad 2 has also been dealt with by the update. Apple has apparently fixed the issue by not allowing the iPad 2 to go to sleep by way of the Smart Cover closing while on the power off menu. Job done.

That 'few weeks' turnaround is still about right, so expect this update as we get close to December.

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