APP WATCH: Sky Go heading to Android

Good news for Sky customers, with new apps arriving in the coming weeks and months.

First off, Sky Go will finally be arriving for Android users. It launched back in July for the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to watch Sky TV 'on the go' and for free if you happen to be a subscriber. It's proved popular, with 1.6 million users already in the UK. But it didn't launch for the rival Google platform, leaving a lot of people out in the cold.

Speaking to TechRadar, the company confirmed that the Android app will arrive 'in the coming months'. Originally it was said to be arriving sometime in 2011, which might still be the case. It would make sense for Sky to have the app ready to go before the Christmas rush.

Not just Sky Go on the agenda either. The company also confirmed that a new Sky Movies companion app is on its way, which will be here 'in the coming weeks'. Yes, a similar phrase, but a smaller timescale – definitely ahead of Christmas by the sound of it.

The new app will apparently give details of what is on Sky Movies, as well as offering listings for cinemas and ties in to both the Sky Go and Sky+ apps. It might also include film news and third party reviews in the future.

The company added: 'The new Sky Movies App, coming soon, will allow users to browse movies currently showing on the service and what's on at the cinema. If they subscribe to Sky Movies, they will also be able to watch films through a link to Sky Go and record films via the Sky+ app.'

So a busy time for Sky. We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear those launch dates.

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