LG Optimus 2X to get Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are still sat waiting for Android Gingerbread, you might take this announcement with a pinch of salt, but LG has confirmed Ice Cream Sandwich is heading to the LG Optimus 2X, as well as its other premium handsets.

LG made the announcement on Facebook, saying: 'LG firmly denies the rumors that claim LG will not be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS update for the LG Optimus 2X. These rumors are NOT true. LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google. Please stay tuned for more updates from LG.'

Obviously 'in the process of planning' doesn't sound like an imminent launch, but that's not surprising. As we said earlier this week, LG is only now rolling out Android 2.3 Gingerbread to its Optimus range of smartphones, a process that could take some time if you are a network customer. The Optimus 2X is amongst the handsets getting that update.

Samsung has already stated that its compatible Android phones will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, but not until the second quarter or 2012. LG is probably working to a similar schedule. So not all good news, but the bottom line is that the latest version of Android will arrive, giving your smartphone a new lease of life just when you might be getting a little bored of it. That's got to be good news.

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