APP WATCH: Gmail for iPhone incoming?

This is an interesting one, for various reasons. But if you have an iPhone and a Gmail account, you might just have a Gmail for iPhone in the very near future. That is the bottom line.

That's according to MG Sielger through the Paris Lemon blog, who claims 'multiple sources' have confirmed that Google is on the verge of launching its native Gmail app. He goes as far as to suggest it has already been submitted to Apple, and in his words: 'I think it’s going to be approved'. We'll wait and see about that, but if those words are true, it could be here in no time at all.

In general terms, he claims it is 'pretty fantastic' and 'the first one built after Google’s new commitment to design as a core feature across all of their products'. Which is all well and good, but I suspect you care more about the specifics.

According to Siegler, the real winner for the app, compared to the native iPhone mail client, is that it offers push notifications. So if you can't wait for an email update, you'll want this. But that's not all. The app is also said to offer the likes of Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages and might include some features Google is about to roll out for the standard version of Gmail - contact icons, better threading, deep searching functionality and Google+ integration are strong possibilities.

Of course, all of that depends on Apple giving the nod. Here's hoping. We'll let you know if/when it goes live in the App Store.

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