Virgin Mobile offers free Spotify

Way back in July, we told you that Virgin Media was tying up with Spotify across its TV, mobile and broadband platforms. Some details of that service were offered, but the all-important pricing wasn't. Today, those details are available too.

You want to know the mobile details right? Well, that's what we will give you. If you opt for a Virgin Mobile deal (see its site for those), you get three months of Premium Spotify use, which works out at just under £30. That, Virgin hopes, is enough to tempt you in. But there's another rather tempting part of the deal too – you'll not have any extra data charges when you use Spotify from your Virgin mobile phone. If you love your music, that's not to be sniffed at.

Of course, there's the usual small print, which makes clear the deal is only open only to new and renewing customers. But on the plus side, if you are already a Spotify Premium user, the deal can be used with your existing account, so you'll not miss out.

It's part of a wider Spotify integration by the company, which also includes six months of Spotify for Virgin Broadband sign-ups, as well as a new TiVo app for Spotify too, the latter able to bang out your playlists on demand in your living room. Great if you have a big home cinema set-up.

If you need a broader range of streaming music in your life, you know where to go.

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