APP WATCH: Pure Music service launches

If you own a smartphone, you have already got access to at least a couple of streaming music services on the go. So the Pure Music service has certainly got its work cut out.

Pure, as you might know, is the name of the digital radio maker. But the company is now extending its services with the help of 7Digital's music catalogue. The two worked together previously on a download service, but this is all about streaming tunes for a monthly fee. Yes, just like Spotify and Napster.

In this case, the fee is £4.99 per month and to use it with your phone, you'll need the iPhone app, which is already available to download and the Android app, which is said to be following soon. Pay the money, get the app and you'll have instant access to 15 million tracks from December.

In terms of comparing to the other services, there are pluses and minuses. The big plus here is if you own a Pure device, as selected radio/audio units will be able to playback the tunes as well, so you are getting more than a mobile music service. Like Spotify and Napster, you can also access the music via computers too. The app also has its own 'discovery' tools too – new release listings, editorial content, genres and recommendations for example, as well as a tagging system, so you can disover by an artist and related acts. On the downside, there is no offline playing, as Spotify offers. So if you are not online, the music is a no go.

So it's all down to personal preference. If you want to give Pure Music a whirl or you are getting a little bored of the other contenders, it will be here in a matter of weeks.

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