BlackBerry PlayBook gets a price cut

It's not exactly made massive inroads into the tablet market, but we gave the BlackBerry PlayBook a good rating when we reviewed it back in May and with a price cut, it's certainly worth considering.

According to Recombu, Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have cut a whopping £150 off the price of all models until the end the year (Christmas run-up, in other words), meaning prices now start at just £249 for the 16GB model. If you want more storage, £329 now gets you the 32GB PlayBook, while the 64GB is yours for £409.

As a quick comparison, a 16GB iPad starts at £399, the already-discounted Motorola Xoom is around £329 and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is available for around the £349 mark. So we're talking a very healthy price point if you're in the market for a tablet.

As it stands, the drawback of the PlayBook is a lack of apps in comparison to the iPad and Android tablets. But with talk of a new BBX platform for both BlackBerry tablets and smartphones, which will include support for Android apps, the future of the PlayBook might well be stronger and longer than initially thought. At least, that's the case if BBX is made available to the first-generation BlackBerry PlayBook. The details of that aren't yet available.

That's the risk really, although, as we said earlier, the tablet is a perfectly good device right now, especially at the new price point.

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