Netflix confirms UK launch

It looks like Android movies is going to have some pretty stiff competition soon, as are some other established movie download services in the UK, as Netflix has announced it will hit these shores in early 2012.

For the uninitiated, Netflix is a giant of movie streaming across the pond, offering its movies on connected TVs and PCs, but more importantly (as far as we're concerned) on tablets, Android smartphones and Apple's iPhone and the iPad. It's very different than the just-launched Google Movies, with Netflix asking a monthly fee for you to watch its movies in your home or on the go. One subscription, all of your devices too.

Obviously, the company is late to the party in the UK, with others already firmly established. The recently-launched LOVEFiLM app for iPad for example, is a superb platform and uses a similar subscription model. Where it falls down for the mobile platform is a fairly poor selection of movies. That could be its weakness to competition.

Of course, we don't know what the Netflix offering will be in the UK. It might have the same issues as LOVEFiLM in getting the bigger/better movies available to its mobile customers. We also don't know how much Netflix will charge in the UK, although we suspect it will price aggressively at launch. In the US, it charges $7.99 per month. Replicate that in the UK and we'll be more than happy.

We also don't know exactly when the service will launch, with that 'early 2012' date being the only thing offered so far. What the company has said is: 'Upon launch, Netflix members from the UK and Ireland will be able to instantly watch a wide array of TV shows and films right on their TVs via a range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix, as well as on PCs, Macs and mobile tablets and phones.'

So sit tight and wait. Or sign up to the Netflix mailing list on its site. You'll be first to know about the launch details if you do that.

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