RIM's BBX platform spotted running Android apps

OK, stick with us, this could get complicated. Last week, RIM announced an all-new BlackBerry platform going by the name of BBX, which will run across the next generation of BlackBerry tablets and devices. Yes, a single OS for both devices. Today, that OS has been spotted running Android apps. Confused? Let us explain.

BBX will hopefully pull together the best of the QNX (PlayBook) and existing BlackBerry operating systems into one all-powerful, flexible OS for smartphones, tablets, even smart TVs if the demand is there. But let's stick to mobiles for now. Because that's where it gets interesting.

Going back some time, RIM did indicate that the QNX platform would run Android apps, but it now seems like this all-new platform will be getting friendly with Google rather than the current QNX one.

In fact, a developer has posted a video of BBX in action – running those Android apps. You can see it here. The BGR site spotted it, with the video showing the likes of IMDb, Gmail, Amazon Kindle and Google Places all running happily on a BlackBerry PlayBook without error or slowdown. That's in the wild too, not in some BlackBerry test area.

It's a big thing. If RIM can produce a BlackBerry device that mixes its BBM and email prowess (well, most of the time) with the vast library of Android apps, the company really is back in the game next year. Yes, it is likely to be next year before we see one of these new devices. At least, it will be before they land on UK shelves. We'll keep you posted.

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