Three and Vodafone confirm Galaxy Nexus sales

The launch is only hours old, but already some networks are confirming they will stock the newly-launched Ice Cream Sandwich handset, going by the name of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Two networks have announced availability, but we suspect it might be more before the day is out. First to show was Three, which used a post on its company blog to say: 'There have been a number of tweets and posts flying around the social sphere about this phone. I’ve had great fun reading the rumours about what you all thought Google and Samsung were bringing to your fingertips. It’s been an exciting run up to today, and I can now confirm that the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to Three.'

Soon after, Vodafone confirmed that it would be selling the Galaxy Nexus too, but like Three, stopped short of actually confirming any details about the price or the shelf date. The latter is rumoured to be early November, so the contract details are likely to be revealed very soon. However, this is a flagship phone, so don't expect much change from £40 per month for one of those contract deals.

If you missed the launch (and we wouldn't blame you, as it took place at 3am), the Galaxy Nexus is an impressive piece of kit, showcasing Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and featuring a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a hefty 4.65-inch screen with 720p resolution and a five-megapixel camera with auto-focus.

For the real detail, check out our hands-on with the handset, as well as some first impressions on the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. When those prices are confirmed, you'll be the first to know.

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