APP WATCH: Samsung ChatON gets official launch

We flagged it up back in August, but from today, you can actually use the Samsung ChatON service.

It's described as a multi-platform service, but the platforms concerned are Bada and Android, with apps for both available now via Samsung Apps or Android Market. It's free to use on both platforms too, as you might expect.

With impeccable timing, it's another rival to BBM, offering a few of its own whistles and bells too. As well as one-to-one interaction with friends and family (as long as they have the app), you can also set up set-up 'group-chat' and 'micro-communities' to take the chat to a larger group, as well as being able to ‘broadcast’ to several buddies at once.

Other features include 'Interction Rank' to find regular chatters, comments to profile pages, a content sharing app for sharing animations and audio, access to archive chats, multimedia communication and the option to chat via computers, if that's to hand rather than your phone.

Simon Stanford, head of Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: 'We’re always looking at ways to bring innovative devices and services to consumers and I’m delighted to announce Samsung’s ChatON platform in the UK. Samsung ChatON brings a communication service that encompasses multimedia, social media and instant messaging capabilities that will give our consumers yet another way to communicate and interact with our devices.'

If all that appeals and you (and your friends) have the right kit, go try it out now.

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