Ice Cream Sandwich heading to Motorola Xoom?

Not long to go now. In fact, this time tomorrow, we should have all the details of the Google Ice Cream Sandwich launch, which takes place in Hong Kong at 3am tomorrow morning (UK time).

The headline act will almost certainly be the Samsung Nexus Prime handset, which will be the first smartphone packing the latest incarnation of Android. But as this is the operating system that works effortlessly between tablets and smartphones, expect some tablet action too.

According to Fudzilla, that's likely to involve the Motorola Xoom. Yes, the Xoom, which has had regular price cuts in recent months and has fallen down the pecking order as other devices have hit the market. It could be about to get a new lease of life.

The site claims the Xoom will be on the receiving end of an Ice Cream Sandwich update almost immediately. With the company now owned by Google, that does make some sense. Other tablets will follow soon after, including the Asus Transformer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Sony, Lenovo and a few others are said to be getting Ice Cream Sandwich too, but due to interface work and other tweaks, it could be much further down the line.

All should be revealed tomorrow, not least because the companies concerned will want to bask in the light of the new OS to pick up sales and indeed, credibility.

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