Orange and T-Mobile 'big 3G switch on' rolls out this week

Orange and T-Mobile customers should be seeing amped up 3G coverage from this week on, as the operators' 'big 3G switch-on' initiative rolls out.


When Orange and T-Mobile joined forces to become Everything Everywhere last year, its users were able to access 2G signal - that's calls and texts - from both networks.


This week, the second phase of the 'switch on' programme rolls out region by region in the UK, with customers able to access the 3G signal from each of the two networks. Within the next few months, all users will be covered, and at no extra cost.


At 27 million users, Everything Everywhere is offically the UK's largest network. The Virgin Media network uses T-Mobile's signal, and as of last week, will also be able to access Orange's.

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