iPhone 4S launch: The stats

iPhone 4S launch at Apple Store, Regent Store


You knew the iPhone 4S would be massive - and here's how massive. When the doors opened at 7.57am this morning, there was a record 778 people in the queue - that's the longest ever for an Apple product, with the iPhone 4 clocking up a not-exactly-modest 668, iPad 2 662 and the original iPad commanding a queue of 'just' 451.


Gadget insurance specialist protectyourbubble.com polled the hungry Apple-lytes as they left the shop with their new toys, and discovered that the most popular iPhone 4S model was the white 16GB version, with the favourite feature being its eight-megapixel camera.


Adding to the pile of evidence that Apple has the high-disposable-income market cornered is the discovery that the average age of those in the queue was 25 - that, or it's got the no-day-job market cornered.


89% of the queue was male, while 57% were disappointed there wasn't an iPhone 5, showing that Apple fans are more stoic than rabid forum commentors would have you think.


Three was the best loved network for these first owners of the iPhone 4S, with 28% using the operator that's already claimed it's the most popular network for the iPhone - that's versus the 4% who used it for iPhone 4.


Finally, just one-third thought the voice-recognition 'personal assistant' Siri was a gimmick – but we'll deliver the full verdict on that in our in-depth review, incoming. In the meantime, check out our review of iOS 5.

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