iPhone 4S launches at Apple Store on Regent Street

For some it's the chance to own the latest and most advanced iPhone - for others it's just a chance to be apart of a media circus - or an "occasion", so to speak.



As you almost certainly already know, the iPhone 4S launched today with all the usual Apple pomp and glory. Some people had been queuing up for days as if it was the dark days of Russia when people spent days shivering to bits on a mission to get some bread – but by now, an hour or so after the store had opened, things are starting to get a little more civilised.


We just popped down to the Regent Street store to see how things were ticking along. Around the corner, Hanover Square is being used a herding pen with customers being carried along in groups of a dozen or so to several little checkpoints (breaking the queue up considerably so it looks less formidable).



There's a little coffee kart at the front handing out warm beverages (it was very nippy early this morning).


You'll be looking at a couple of hours in the queue if you want to pop down now. That might well increase at lunchtime, though...

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