Samsung Nexus Prime launch on 19 October

As you can see from the image, Google has erected its latest statue, Google Ice Cream Sandwich. Why? Because it has finally completed work on the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Not only has it erected that bizarre statue in its grounds, the company has also confirmed the date of the official launch, just over a week after the original scheduled date. The new date, according to All Things Digital, is 19 October, with the location being Hong Kong, which also hosts the AsiaD conference at the same time. Both Android chief Andy Rubin and a top Samsung executive are slated to speak at AsiaD.

While no specific details have been given, leading to initial scepticism of the launch, the event invite does show the Ice Cream Sandwich logo, as well as the logos of Samsung and Google, so not a lot of doubt over what is launching in truth. If it doesn't show, there will be a lot of frustration. Especially if anyone has flown in just for the announcement.

When the event does kick off at 3am UK time (so get the coffee in), we'll finally get to see the Samsung Nexus Prime in its full glory, not just a snapshot image. Be interesting to see the new OS in action too, over both smartphones and tablets. But it will also be interesting to hear when the Nexus Prime will be available and which devices will be able to cope with the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are planning on upgrading to an Android phone, perhaps you'll want to hold back until after next Wednesday.

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