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Are you yet to be seduced by web-based newspapers? Well, perhaps The Guardian iPad edition might push you a little further in that direction. It certainly looks like an impressive proposition, although you'll obviously need to a fan of The Guardian's content to really appreciate it.

The elephant in the room, as ever, is payment. As long as news is free elsewhere, it is always going to be a struggle to get the majority to pay for daily editions. But The Guardian iPad edition does have a few tricks up its sleeve to tempt you in.

According to Crave, it offers a daily edition of the newspaper delivered to your Apple tablet via Wi-Fi, taking around a minute to download. Once it is there, you can read it wherever you like, without the need for further network connectivity. Making it perfect for a commute, where network access is patchy at best. That's if you remember to download it or you happen to be in a rush for that train.

Once you get it, you'll find a mix of news, comment and multimedia, with one eye on being 'reflective'. That means breaking news and unfolding stories hitting the tablet (once you are back online), so you don't miss a thing. There will also be full-screen slideshows on that large screen, as well as cartoons and video content. Social networking is naturally here, with the option to share via Facebook and Twitter, as well as good ol' fashioned email.

In terms of looks, the iPad edition has a front page made up of big coloured tiles, which you can scroll through to see what's in today's paper. The bigger stories will occupy more space in the grid of tiles, with ads nestling between the news reports. On top of all that is a navigation bar, which scrolls from side to side to access the main sections.

'Coming soon' is the official timescale. Hopefully that means weeks rather than months. Be nice to hear about that pricing before the big launch too.

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