Mobile Choice Awards 2011: Best Online Retailer

More and more people are finding themselves buying their handset online, as often the web brings bargains the high street can't match. A digital shop has to be laid out as impeccably as a king's dinner table with clear information and helpful guides. These sites flicked your switch the most


Buymobilephones - Best Online Retailer


Clearly this website is doing something right - this is the second year on the trot it's won our Online Retailer award. It's little wonder why when you have a look around the site - free next day delivery, shockingly good deals (at time of writing you can get a Samsung Galaxy S II on a £25 a month contract - absolute bargain) and they have a fantastic range of freebie gifts including laptops, tablets, games consoles and even oddball things like hair straighteners and robot vacuum cleaners. It's incredibly easy to filter through to the phone, network and tariff of your choosing and compare different plans, plus you're almost certainly going to find it cheaper than anywhere else. It has over a million customers so bulk buying helps it get cheap deals - you'd be well advised to make a visit here.




Another really good website if you're after a good deal on a high-end smartie, with the Samsung Galaxy S II going on a £26 per month contract - almost as cheap as the winning site - and free next day delivery. Worth checking out, as the exact phone and package you're after might even be cheaper than at
We do love a website with a self-explanatory URL, and it's doesn't take a Sherlock to work out what's on offer here. A nice range of wallet-friendly blowers are here for pickings, alongside higher-end Android offerings though surprisingly lacking the iPhone. But, that's rarely an "affordable" device anyway, so we'll forgive that.
At first glance, Expansys doesn't seem to have any particularly stand-out offerings you'd not find elsewhere, but dig a little deeper and you'll find possibly the most well-stocked website ever for phone and tablet accessories. It also has a nice drop-down filtering system with speedy results.
While it does sell actual phones, Mobilefun has always been a favourite pit stop for people looking for a new funky accessory, from cases to headphones or memory cards. That said, the website's black and grey colour-coding could do with brightening up a little to make it a bit more "fun".


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