Mobile Choice Awards 2011 - Best Bluetooth Headset

There are many reasons you may want to use your mobile while having both hands free. You could be driving, eating a meal, or maybe even juggling. Our lists applauds the headsets that gave the very finest hands-free goodness.


Winner - Plantronics Voyager Pro+
The original Plantronics Voyager Pro was a popular device, and then the updated + model arrived and we now had our Headset of the Year. It brought with it A2DP support, a battery meter (for iPhone users), and has a great range of voice commands so when a call comes in you can just boom "Answer", "Ignore", and even, if you're not sure of what commands are available, ask "What can I say?" to get a list. Very nice.



Jawbone Era
Sells itself as being the only headset to come packing "military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0", a noise and wind cancelling feature that was originally developed for tank drivers and helicopter pilots. So, if you find yourself going to war, or maybe you like using your phone in noisy nightclubs - this is definitely the headset for you.


BlueAnt Q2
It may not look much different to its predecessor the Q1, but the Q2 took a few steps forwards in giving the user a clearer calling experience. Its combined Voice Cancellation and Wing Armour Technology made conversations far more civilised and it had over five hours of talktime use - considerably more than many of its peers.


Jabra Extreme
Jabra's Noise Blackout Extreme technology equalizes the sound by automatically adjusting the volume - it cleverly amplifies sounds for a quiet voice, and tones it down if someone's shouting, which is handy as the physical volume controls are finicky to use. The Extreme also packs Acoustic Shock Protection to safeguard your lug should a sudden blast of noise come though.


Jabra Stone 2
Easily one of the most stylish headsets released this year, the Jabra Stone 2 is definitely one for those who think looks are paramount. New to "2" are the Voice Guidance and Voice Controls (which are becoming commonplace these days). It was let down by its touch-sensitive volume rocker which was fiddly, and you could only use it in your right ear.

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