Mobile Choice Awards 2011 - Best Social Networking Phone

Remember when texting was all the rage? Of course not - that was so long ago it may as well be semaphore. Your phone is now your megaphone to the whole world (almost), so peep our picks for the year's best smarties to tweet, poke, and post to your buddies and beyond.


Winner - BlackBerry Bold 9780

A shockingly powerful phone when it comes to network socialisation, the Bold 9780 integrates Facebook and Twitter streams plus RSS news feeds into the Social Feeds app, while its perfectly designed QWERTY keyboard makes rattling off massive chunks of text a doddle. The BlackBerry Messenger (free!) app may have been ludicrously named the enabler of this year's riots, any phones that can get people communicating en masse is well worth a thumbs up. And the new BBM 6 update integrates the app deeply with the rest of the phone so that you can chat with other BBM users in supported apps or games. The Bold 9780's universal inbox for email and texts as well as Facebook and Twitter messages is a powerful plus, but its extra edge is BBM - a social network, not just access to one.





Runner up: HTC Wildfire S
A tiny trumpet, but the Wildfire S is crammed with superb social networking, mainly thanks to HTC's devilishly well designed Friend Stream app. This all-in-one service integrates your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter timeline and Flickr pics into one list, syncs social network contacts with your phone's and lets you view all comms with one person in one go, be they text, tweet or poke.


HTC ChaCha
If we had an award for the best Facebook phone, the ChaCha may well win hands down, as its gimmicky-but-cute Facebook button gets you one-button access to anything from posting weblinks to sharing photos. The QWERTY keyboard makes churning out status updates a breeze, and like the Wildfire S, it has HTC's awesome Friend Stream widget and app. A good contender, but lacks the extra magic to topple our 'Berry winner.


Samsung Galaxy S II
It's hard to write about the S II as a runner-up - this machine packs in almost everything you'd want from a smartie. Its lightning fast dual-core processor and top-notch connectivity means the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ apps all run with supreme speed, and the Samsung Social Hub does a dandy job of keeping them organised – and of synching Google, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange and Facebook calendars into a universal view, too. Just like BlackBerry then – but without BlackBerry Messenger.


Motorola Milestone 2
There's a lot of nice things going for this mobile that make social networking both  breezy and blissful. The Motoblur social network integration feed neatly ties Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (remember that?) and messages together, and the Milestone 2 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that's refreshingly tactile. Maybe new owner Google will come up with something special to help Motorola win next year... maybe.

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