Apple's iCloud gets UK launch date

Officially announced back in June, Apple's iCloud service is ready for its UK bow, specifically on 12 October. Yes, that's the same day as iOS 5 is being made available for UK iPhone and iPad users. Just a week away too.

It's all about keeping your Apple devices in tune with each other. With iCloud you can store your data online, with the obvious benefit of it being available to different Apple devices. So if you have a document or some contact details on one device, you can call it up from another anytime or keep all of your devices synched up with the same details. At least, you can when you have some connectivity. You can even use it to find or remotely disable a device, should it go walkabout. iCloud is useful when you change devices too (like iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S), backing up your data so it is ready to go with another phone.

It's particularly good when it comes to photos. Shoot an image of something on your iPhone on your holidays and - network permitting - it will be uploaded to iCloud. Which means you can share the moment almost instantaneously with someone not lucky enough to be in the sun. Sadly, no sign of iTunes Match for the UK, which takes your music to the cloud, as well as matching up more common tracks, so you don't need to upload. Presumably, rights issues are still being sorted for the UK.

But in the meantime, enjoy what's there. The basic package is free for Apple users, which gives you 5GB of online storage. For an extra 10GB you'll have to pay £14 per year, 20GB extra is another £28, while 50GB of extra space will be £70 annually.

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