Amazon Kindle Fire sales figures leaked

Last week, we featured the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, the company's first tablet and widely predicted to be the first real challenge to the dominance of Apple's iPad. Well, that prediction is likely to become reality based on early pre-sales figures.

The Cult of Android site has managed to acquire some sales figures from Amazon via a 'verified source', indicating that the Kindle Fire could be the biggest tablet launch so far.

Those figures shows the Android-based tablet is shifting over 2,000 units per hour, which adds up to around 50,000 each day. In just five days of taking pre-orders, Amazon has orders for 250,000 tablets. If that continues, we're talking 2.5 million pre-orders ahead of the 15 November launch date. That's the equivalent sales of the iPad 2 at the end of its first month. OK, Apple went less on the pre-orders and we've still some time to go, but Amazon does look to have a huge hit on its hands.

Much of that is down to price, with the 7-inch device seling for just $199 (£127), with Amazon looking to pull back the difference from sales of movies, TV shows, music and of course, books. Features are less (no camera, microphone or 3G here), but there is a dual-core processor, Wi-Fi and cloud storage.

Good news for Amazon, perhaps not great for the UK. There is no launch date or price for the UK yet and if demand for the US market is through the roof, you wonder if the company has the capacity to produce enough stock for elsewhere in the world. The clever money is still on a UK launch later, probably the first quarter of 2012.

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