Fresh Mango update for Windows Phone users

If you're a user of Windows Phone 7 you'll be delighted to know that you'll have the long awaited 7.5 Mango update by the end of October. With more than 500 new features, Mango is the first big update to the platform and the rollout starts today.


One of the biggest improvements to an already tidy OS is the addition of multitasking. Where Windows Phone 7 had very limited multitasking functionality, Mango allows apps to pootle along simultaneously so things like Twitter will run while you check your email.


The already good synchronisation of data gets even better too thanks to deep integration with apps like Facebook. Fire up the 'People' tab and whether it's from your address book, Google contacts, Facebook or Twitter, Mango harvests all available data and mashes it up into one fully synched contact.


The software will need installing through a PC so if you can't wait to get it up and running on your handset, you can get ahead of the game by updating the installer on your computer.


You might also want to get that handset backed up so you're all ready to go as soon as the Mango package drops.

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