Samsung launches Galaxy HD handset

Only last month, Samsung unveiled the LTE version of the Galaxy S II, with its faster chip and bigger display. Now they've gone and done it again by wheeling out the Galaxy S II HD LTE. It may have a name like a people carrier, but Samsung has increased the screen size yet again to add HD resolution to the display. It's now packing 4.65-inches to give host to a 1290x720 pixel display, which if you want to do the maths is 316 pixels per inch - iPhone Retina quality.


The dual-core processor's been beefed up from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz and Samsung has introduced 4G LTE and HSPA connectivity. The bigger display and extra features have increased the chassis size and weight, but it's still comparable with other handsets in this bracket.


Now the bad news - you can't get your hands on one of these beauties unless you're prepared to travel. There are currently no plans to release the S II HD LTE outside of the Korean domestic market right now, but hopefully the tech will find its way over here before too long. Samsung needs to launch something new to fend off the iPhone 5 - so fingers crossed...

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