Amazon to unveil tablet?

With the ever growing success of the tablet, it's been widely anticipated that Amazon will be the latest to step into the ring with their offering. In the four years since it was launched, the Kindle has propelled the Seattle giant to a $100 billion company with a 40% share of the ereader market. So Amazon pencilling in a press conference for Wednesday has sent smoke signals around the tech world that a big announcement is coming.


With its dominant position online along with a well stocked App Store and of course the Kindle service, launching a device that can easily access books, music, and movies is a no-brainer. There's even talk that they might subsidise the hardware, making it affordable while hoping to recoup the subsidy in content sales.


The rumour is that Amazon are preparing two tablets, a seven-inch and a 10-inch version, codenamed Coyote and Hollywood respectively. Both are expected to run the Android OS due to the existing relationship between Amazon and Google. We're not expecting release details this week, but the very thought of a new device with the potential of seamless connectivity to its cloud services and online marketplace is enough to whet the appetite.

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