Apple Store staff in holiday ban

If there's one thing Apple know how to do it is launch a product, and the latest news on the release date for the iPhone 5 has ramped up that anticipation. All Apple Store staff in the UK have been declined holiday leave during early October, fuelling the speculation that Steve Jobs' latest masterpiece is just days away. In fact, staff levels are so critical to the operation that not only are holidays being denied, existing holiday bookings are being cancelled by the company.


So while we all raid our bank accounts and get ready to queue up for this year's must-have tech, you might want to give consideration to another rumour doing the rounds. While speaking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in South Africa last week, former US Vice President and current Apple board member Al Gore let slip that "new iPhones" will be coming in October. This ads more credibility to the speculation that as well as a the next-gen iPhone 5, we could see another tweaked version of the iPhone 4, likely to be at a lower price point. Whether it's one or two handsets, it's still going to be the launch of the year and there's not long to wait now. Tick-tock-tick...

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