Samsung Wave 578 goes Quick Tap

Back in May, Orange and Barclaycard paired up to launch the Quick Tap service, the UK's first contactless mobile payment service, kicking the service off with a dedicated phone, the Samsung Tocco Lite. Now a second Quick Tap phone is on the market – the Samsung Wave 578.

Let's deal with the phone first, which isn't exactly new. In fact, we first saw it back in February, which takes the edge off the announcement. It's also a Bada phone, which might not appeal either. But there is a 3.2-inch display, a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with Bluetooth 3 technology and of course, that all-important NFC chip on-board.

That, of course, means it can work with Quick Tap, which is run by Orange in conjunction with Barclaycard. Get the phone, sign up and get the app. You are ready to spend with your mobile phone. In fact, once you activate your account, Barclaycard will throw in an extra £10 to sweeten the deal.

That might last longer than you think, as Quick Tap is currently geared for small purchases, £15 or less to be precise, so you'll probably be using it to grab some lunch quickly at the likes of Pret A Manger and Subway. Anything you do spend will be listed as an electronic statement within the app, so you'll know how many of those luxury sandwiches you've been knocking back.

Look out for it at your local Orange store in the next few weeks on either pay-as-you-go or various contract deals. For specific pricing, get in touch with Orange for the full breakdown.

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