iPhone 5 launching on October 4?

Slowly the pieces are coming together. The potential shelf date for the new iPhone 5 has been thrown around for the last week or so, but what about the big unveil? That's apparently down for October 4, if new claims are to be believed.

Those claims come from All Things Digital, which has a good track record with these things. It claims Tuesday October 4 will be the day we all set eyes on the new iPhone, quoting 'sources close to the situation'. Those same sources added that the plan is now to make the new device available for purchase within a few weeks after the announcement.

That obviously fits in well with other rumours, not least that retailers are gearing up for iPhone activity on October 21. Although one tech boss also let it slip that October 15 was the big day. Either way, it's around that date if you happen to be running down a contract (or just want the latest model first).

This event will have even more significance than most. It will be newly-installed CEO Tim Cook’s first big product introduction and as such, his first chance to make an impression on the watching public, investors and media. Essentially, it has to look like Apple can carry on as usual without Steve Jobs. Saying that, you wouldn't rule out a farewell appearance by Steve Jobs for some added impact.

As for the event, well the iPhone 5 is the headline act, but rumours persist that Apple is about to launch two new iPhones, including a budget iPhone 4S. That's still unclear, but all should be revealed in a matter of days.

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