Amazon Appstore now open to UK users?

You would imagine a worldwide launch of the Amazon Appstore would be headline news, worthy of a press release at the very least. But late yesterday, it looks like the global version of Amazon's Android store did launch - without a word from the online mega-retailer.

According to the Digital Reader, initial reports came from Australia that the store was allowing Amazon customers to access the app client and download apps. That was followed by reports from pretty much everywhere, including UK users. So has it really been expanded worldwide?

You would think so, but it could be a glitch in the Amazon infrastructure, especially coupled with a lack of official word. Some people are still being bounced from the site for being non-US customers, but this might be because of a gradual rollout or accessing in the wrong way rather than settings reverting back to US-only. All should become clear in the coming hours. If you are desperate to know if you can 'get in', go download the client and try it out for yourself.

If you do gain access, you'll find a smaller, more curated selection of apps than the Android Market, but you will be able to get a couple of things the main site doesn't offer. For one, you can get the free daily Android app delivered to your phone and secondly, Android users can 'test drive' apps on a computer before deciding whether to add to a handset. Useful.

We suspect some official word about the worldwide Amazon Appstore will come in the next 24 hours - for better or worse. We'll keep you posted. If it does open its doors officially, it could mean we'll see the Amazon Kindle tablet soon rather than later too, which has to be a good thing.

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