APP WATCH: Google Goggles updated to 1.6

We have featured Google Goggles before, most recently when it launched for the iPhone as part of the Google Mobile app. But now it's had an upgrade to version 1.6 - but only for Android users so far.

It's quite a significant upgrade too, making the thing so much easier and more practical to to use. Essentially, it cuts out the 'middle man'. If you opt-in on the new version of the app, you can just photograph an image using your phone’s camera, with Goggles working in the background to analyse that image. If your photo contains items that Goggles can recognise (that's a big 'if'), the app will notify you.

So in short, Goggles can identify landmarks, paintings and other significant objects in your photos, notifying you and allowing you to easily share these facts with your friends immediately if you so wish. No loading of the app, no delay. If that appeals, the updated 1.6 version of Google Goggles is available for Android 2.1 and newer devices right now.

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