APP WATCH: The Daily for iPad lands in the UK

Remember The Daily for iPad? Of course you do. It was launched back in February as the future of newspapers, a daily dose of everything from news and sport through to celebrity gossip and entertainment, all delivered directly to your iPad. The launch was a high-profile affair when it landed in the US, but the UK launch has been a very different thing.

According to The Guardian, News Corporation's digital newspaper has sneaked out quietly on these shores. In fact, it's been around for a week or so, with very few people noticing. The price quoted for the UK is 69p for a day, with a yearly subscription of £27.99. Not hugely different to the US in truth. There's something else not much different either - the content.

Yes, we're still talking an iPad-friendly mix of news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinion, celebrity gossip, crosswords and puzzles, but none of it is actually localised for the UK. The Guardian claims the current issue has stories on Republican party politics, a fire in Minnesota and US house repossessions, with ads and promotions from companies that don't have a presence in the UK. An ad for a 4G phone or a promotion with  mobile operator Verizon Wireless for example. In short, it's a port of the US mag. All of which has seen a stream of negative reviews for the app/magazine in the UK app store.

Obviously, turning The Daily into a UK-centric magazine will cost money, which is perhaps something News Corporation isn't willing to do right now. $30 million was initially ploughed into the project, which has seen a return of 800,000 downloads of the app since launch. However, analysts have been told that The Daily has generated a loss of around $10m for News Corporation in its last financial quarter. You can perhaps see why the company isn't keen on throwing more money into the mix or indeed, investing in The Daily for other platforms - something that was promised at launch.

If you like your news with a US slant, go get the app. If not, perhaps stick with your current old school newspaper for now.

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