HTC Rhyme appears online

Another day, another HTV leak, with the HTC Rhyme holding the distinction of being today's as-yet-unannounced Android smartphone.

Despite the lovely press shots, not a lot is known about this phone as yet. The shots were picked up by German site HTC Inside, with the phone said to be a phone previously leaked called the HTC Bliss. Change of heart on the name it seems.


That was due to be launched at a press event in late September and was said to be a female-friendly phone. Although how a phone can be gender-specific is beyond us. That said, we've not seen the accessories yet, so we'll not speak too soon. There was talk of a charm indicator add-on for missed messages. We'll be gutted if that's no longer coming.

Anyway, back to the Rhyme, which is said to have A 3.7-inch screen and run Android 2.3 for the operating system, coupled with the HTC Sense 3.5 interface. Whether it still has the rumoured rubberised back for easy holding or if it will change colour to the green that was promised isn't clear. The detail should be sorted out at that press event, scheduled for September 20. We're intrigued, that's for sure.

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