APP WATCH: Firefox for Android tablets breaks cover

Great news for Android tablet owners, Firefox for Android tablets has appeared on the scene, although it's not quite the finished version as yet. That should be here soon enough though.

The browser is designed specifically for the Android Honeycomb platform and is available to download right now but according to Crave, is only available as a 'nightly' build. What does that mean? Well, in short, it means the browser is still in testing mode and is likely to undergo a series of updates as bugs are found. So yes, feel free to download, but don't come running to us if you get the odd problem or crash.

The tablet version isn't a million miles away from the desktop version you may already know and love, using the same 'Awesome Bar' and tabbed browsing. Saying that, the layout differs slightly - the tabs have been moved further to the left on the tablet version, making them easier to reach and allowing more results to be displayed. In addition, the tabs move around based on landscape and portrait mode, offering easy access and maximising the browsing area, while the larger screen has allowed Mozilla to add buttons to go backwards, forwards and to reload.

So not the finished product, but pretty tasty already. If you want to try it out, you can grab a copy here.

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