Existing Samsung Wave phones to get Bada 2.0

It's not the biggest mobile platform on the planet, but Bada is a significant one, growing all the time. Indeed, we saw the launch of the Samsung Wave III, Wave M and Wave Y phones just last week on the new Bada 2.0 platform, which are likely to be in the UK before the year is out. But what about existing Wave phones? Looks like they'll be getting an upgrade to the new platform too.

Good ol' Twitter is the place to find confirmation once more. Sammyhub spotted the following message from the Samsung Bada team on Twitter: 'The 2.0 upgrade for Wave devices will be available from 4Q (starting Europe) in different countries gradually'.

We like that 'starting Europe' bit. When pushed on which devices will get the upgrade, the company said it was 'all Wave devices' but 'features could be different depends on device specification such as CPU, memory size, etc'. So in effect, it all depends on the power of the phone in your pocket. You'll get some features, you might get all, but you'll probably not know until the upgrade appears.

The upgrade is far-reaching if you get the full package, enhancements including multitasking, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC and voice recognition, along with better compatibility for Flash and HTML5. Presumably the Samsung ChatON software will be on there too. When we hear details of a specific UK rollout, we'll let you know.

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