APP WATCH: Virgin Media's TiVo for iPad

Adverts for Virgin Media's TiVo box are all over our screens right now. If they've not convinced you to buy, perhaps the introduction of Virgin Media's TiVo for iPad app might. Although you may have to wait a little while to get it.

It doesn't change the game, but it does make TiVo an altogether more cool thing to own. Why? Well, quite simply, it brings Apple's tablet into the mix, in turn acting as an oversized remote control for your TV box.

According to Crave, you can browse the TiVo interface on that large tablet screen, searching the TV guide for something 'current' or browsing the on-demand library for something you might have missed. But here's the good bit – you can do all that on the tablet rather than the TV screen, meaning you can avoid annoying the friends and family as you constantly skim those listings.

Could it get any better? Well, possibly. When asked if you can actually watch the TV shows from your box on your iPad, Virgin's representative replied 'not yet', which perhaps indicates that will come soon. Stay tuned (so to speak) for that. In the meantime, you'll have to watch the TV on your big screen, with the TiVo box also able record your favourite shows and shows you might like, based on what you've already marked down as must-see TV. You can also access other online services via the box, like YouTube and Twitter too.

Not that we would be getting all that excited about it if you couldn't use your iPad with it. That's the selling point here, especially if watching TV comes to the tablet too. The app will be free to download 'in the coming months', but obviously you'll have to pay for a Virgin Media subscription, a TiVo box (between £50 and £100) and a £3 monthly TiVo subscription. In short, not without cost.

If you have an Android phone, an app for TiVo is already available.

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