HP refunds full-price webOS devices

There's been a lot of excitement about the markdowns of the TouchPad and the Pre 3 from HP, but what about those brave/loyal folk who paid full price for their webOS devices? They must be seething. Well, seeth no more, as HP is making it up to them.

Clove reports an official statement on this matter from HP. You don't get the full cost of your device back, instead, you'll get 'compensation' – essentially the difference between what you paid and the cost of the heavily-discounted devices in the UK. So you can knock £69 off what you paid for a Pre 3 and between £89 and £115 off your TouchPad's price ticket (depending on the model you bought).

There is a catch though – you'll need to have registered your webOS account before 23 August 2011. If you did that, get in touch with HP. Admittedly, it's a fairly niche refund, the number of people buying at full price has been totally overshadowed by the number of discounted devices in circulation. But it is nice to see some customer loyalty from HP.

As for those discounted devices, HP has this week confirmed more TouchPads will enter circulation soon, as many as 200,000 in the final drop of product. But it's looking unlikely that any of these 'cheapies' will make it to the UK. If there is any confirmation, we'll give you the heads up, so you can push your way to the front of any queue.

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