Motorola Xoom gets another price cut

OK, it's not as cheap as the HP TouchPad, but the Motorola Xoom is starting to look a tastier proposition by the month – the latest price drop bringing the price of the 32GB model in below a 16GB iPad 2.

That price cut is available via Dixons, which has dropped the price of the Wi-Fi 32GB Motorola Xoom to £329. A 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 is £399, so we're talking really good value. Especially if Android is preferable to iOS for you. Not only that, there's also a price cut for the 3G model, now down to £399. That's £100 cheaper than a 16GB 3G iPad - with twice the storage.

Why the price drop? That's not been outlined officially, but we can second guess it as being down competition. In its early days, the tablet was believed to have shifted just 100,000 units. Since then, other tablets have hit the market – the iPad 2 remains successful, the TouchPad has been almost given away and other big-hitters are on the horizon. The Sony tablet S and the rumoured Amazon tablet are only going to make the Xoom's life more uncomfortable.

It is due an Android update, but with the new devices ready to appear (we've not even mentioned the iPad 3 or the possibility of a Xoom 2), as well as middling reviews, retailers might see the original Xoom's shelf life as fairly limited. Not great news for Motorola, but good news for us, the consumer. If you want one, visit Dixon's online or instore.

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