BlackBerry QNX phones to run Android

An interesting future certainly lies ahead for RIM with the introduction of its QNX phones either late this year or early in 2012. Whether that's a commercially successful future is open to debate, but having Android in your armoury will certainly help.

That story has come from Bloomberg, backing up an earlier rumour that Android apps will run on the BlackBerry PlayBook. According to Bloomberg, 'three people familiar with the plan' have confirmed that BlackBerrys running the new QNX operating system will be Android-compatible, with the first Android-friendly BlackBerry smartphones landing in 'early 2012'.

It's all about numbers, with 250,000 apps available from Google’s Android Market. That number of apps widens the appeal of the BlackBerry, especially if it is topped off with some BlackBerry-only favourites. The first phone to benefit from it will almost certainly be the BlackBerry Colt, which is said to offer a single-core 1.2GHz processor (the same one currently being used with the Bold 9900), 900+ screen resolution and a 4.3-inch touch-screen. Late this year has been floated for a launch, but early 2012 seems more likely.

Before then, the PlayBook might just steal some of its thunder. Bloomberg adds that RIM plans to issue a PlayBook software upgrade in September, which will add a dedicated email program and a BlackBerry Messenger application. That could be followed with a PlayBook upgrade for the Android player, which was detailed earlier this year, before the end of 2011. With it will come access to those Android apps. We'll keep you posted with official dates as soon as we hear them.

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