RIM launches BBM Music

Not to be confused with its much talked-about messaging service, BBM Music is a newly-launched music service for BlackBerry users. Although networking does play a big part in it.

According to Engadget, the service has just launched in closed beta (which means you'll need an invite) and does cover the UK, as well as the likes of the US and Canada. But it's not free. $4.99 is the monthly price quoted, which is likely to be £4.99 for UK users.

So what do you get for your money? A social music service for your mobile phone, that's what. It's a strange one, that's for sure, with your circle of friends ultimately dictating how much music you get. For the fee, you get 50 songs in your personal library. But if you have friends on the service, youi get access to each of their 50 tunes too. Which means it pays to go out there and socialise with potential mates, just as long as they own a BlackBerry device.

If you can't find many friends with one of the smartphones, you can swap up to 25 tracks at any one time. Also, those tracks are stored locally, which means you're not reliant on a network connection for your tunes. There are other interesting little features too, like creating playlists with both your tunes and those of your friends, being able to see which tracks are new to your circle and which of your tunes are popular with your mates.

Interesting new angle, but like BBM, its relevance is really down to how many of your friends use the same BlackBerry platform. See the RIM site for more details of how to get in early with BBM Music.

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