Samsung uncovers its new range of Galaxy handsets

In an attempt to overtake The Waltons as having the biggest family ever made, Samsung is adding four new handsets to its already colossal Galaxy family – the Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy W, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro. This quartet of handsets will all run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, which is always welcome news.


It's a new naming strategy that Samsung hopes will make it easier for customers to identify its handsets with a single letter, so the already existing S will keep for the premier handsets such as, well, the Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung has even kindly explained the class designators in a handy, bullet-pointed listing, which we've dissected for easy consumption.

'S' will stand for 'Super Smart', as the company calls it a mark used for devices at the 'very pinnacle' of its range of mobiles. 'R' means 'Royal/Refined', premium smarties not quite at the pinnacle of S. Presumably Samsung thinks the Queen can't afford a Galaxy S II.

'W' stands for 'Wonder', which Samsung says will 'strike a balance between style and performance'. In other words - mid-range. 'M' means 'Magical', one step above entry-level. We can assume the price will be fitting with the description.

And finally, for the piggy bank fraternity, 'Y' for 'Younger' – kiddy mobiles, basically.

Samsung has also explained other building blocks for its naming strategy. Anything with a 'Pro' in there will have a QWERTY keyboard, while if you see a 'Plus' it means it's an upgrade from an existing handset. And if you see 'LTE' aka Long-Term-Evolution, it means it's packing 4G, which will come in handy next year. Hopefully.

So, to clarify, the upcoming Galaxy Y handsets are both entry-level, with the Pro variation packing a QWERTY keyboard. Simples!

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