Nokia 700 to launch with Symbian Belle

It seems Nokia simply will not give up on its Symbian OS – it's only been two months since it launched Symbian Anna, and already the Finnish giant is trading her in for a new model, Symbian Belle.


The firm's also just announced it's launching its dinkiest ever smartphone, the Nokia 700, which will come powered with the new OS. Weighing a puny 96g and sizing up at 110x50.7x9.7mm, it's going to have some considerable hardware packed into that little body. A 1GHz engine gives it considerably more oomph that a lot of its bigger brothers, and it'll come with 2GB of internal memory (upgradable to 34GB if you have a 32GB microSD handy). And despite its diminutive mass, it'll boast a fairly flashy 3.2-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display, pack a five-megapixel camera, record HD video and house Wi-Fi and GPS. Respectable.


So, all good on the hardware front, but what about the software? We're not huge fans of Symbian and find it a poor man's Android, a situation made worse by it being linked to Nokia's Ovi Store, which has far fewer downloadable apps, most of which are more expensive than they are on the Android Market.


So, what's new with the upcoming Belle revision of Symbian? The biggest addition is it'll have Near Field Communication (NFC) tech, so you'll be able to make simple data transactions just by touching your phone, be that paying for something at the shop as you would with a credit card, or transferring data one from NFC handset to another. Belle will also have six home screens – twice as many as Anna – for which to decorate with all your favourite widgets, and for the first time those widgets come in five sizes, making the whole affair much more customisable.


Nokia also announced two other phones on the way that use Belle. The Nokia 600 is being pushed as the company's "loudest" phone yet with a powerful in-built speaker (handy if you want to be a pest on the train), and the Nokia 701, which has a similar spec to the 700 but is a wee bit bigger, has 8GB of internal memory, an eight megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch screen.


Release dates and prices are yet to be confirmed, but we'll be surprised if it hits stores later than October.

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