Apple puts iPad 3 into trial production

We heard last week that Apple was delaying the release of the iPad 3 due to a shortage of screens. This week we hear that's not the case, as the iPad 3 isn't likely to land until 2012 anyway.

That comes from the Wall Street Journal, a publication usually on the mark with its predictions. It claims Apple is only now working with component suppliers and its 'assembler' in Asia ahead of trial production of its next generation iPad. That early production is said to be starting in October, so you can safely assume mass production isn't going to start until we enter 2012.

The new tablet will feature a new processor and screen, the latter said to be a high resolution display of 2048x1536, putting to shame the current 1024x768 resolution of the iPad 2. Yes, as you might have guessed, this is likely to be the much-hyped Retina display, following in the path of the iPhone 4 and iPod touch, only on a much bigger scale with the 9.7-inch device.

According to the WSJ, one component supplier to Apple said the company had already placed orders for parts for about 1.5 million iPad 3's in the fourth quarter. 'Suppliers will ramp up production and try to improve the yield rate for the new iPad in the fourth quarter before its official launch in early 2012,' said a source at the supplier.

So it looks like no iPad 3 for Christmas, which perhaps make sense, leaving Apple to focus on its publicity for the heavily-anticipated iPhone 5, which is likely to launch in September and could be on the shelves by 12 September. Apple is probably doing you a favour anyway. Or at least doing your bank balance a favour.

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