APP WATCH: Google Photovine for iOS launches

Not just another camera app, the Google Photovine app for iOS is part camera, part social network.

According to TechRadar, the app has just shifted from private beta to going live in the Apple app store, which means we can all have a go at planting photos.

Yes, that's the term. As Google says: 'Plant a photo and watch it grow.' How? Simply take a photo via your mobile phone and start or collaborate on a 'Vine'. Each Vine is themed, so you can add your own pictures to threads like, for example, 'At My Bedside' or 'Things I see when travelling' or 'Sunrise'. Obviously, if none of the current ones apply, you can then start your own.

It's an interesting idea, a new twist on current social photo apps. Talking of social, you can sync Photovine with your Facebook and Twitter contacts to enable you to follow friends' activities via the app. If Instagram appeals to you, then Google Photovine almost certainly will. Grab it now for free if you have an iPhone.

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