Symbian Anna now available to download

While all eyes are on the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets from Nokia, the company itself is still working with Symbian, with Symbian Anna now available to download for selected Nokia smartphones.

We first saw it back in April, when it was launched alongside the Nokia X7 smartphone. It comes pre-loaded on that handset, as well as the Nokia E6. But other Nokia phones can download it now, free of charge. Those being the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7. Not just a lick of paint either (although there is that), plenty of new features are included.

First up, there's an improved user interface, with crisp icons and the option to split screen, so you can see message threads, webpages, contacts or email view while typing on the virtual QWERTY keypad, which is now also available in portrait mode. There is improved Nokia Maps too with better search functionality, new public transportation routes and the ability to check-in to favourite geo-social network sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

Browsing is said to be faster, while security is enhanced for business users - business-grade security with improved data encryption, allowing you to access your company intranet with IPSEC and SSL VPN enablers. Finally, if there is NFC hardware (like the Nokia C7 for example), that is now enabled.

You can find out more at the dedicated Nokia site.

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